About HOB

Renowned, artist and fashion stylist Johnnyblueeyes founded the ‘House of Blueeyes’ in 2008 in the heart of Shepherds Bush, London. Inspired by challenging the concept of fashion as elite and disconnecting, Johnny tasked himself with bringing together a family of extremely talented designers, artists and performers to help bring individuality, love and fun back to fashion.

The House of Blueeyes ignites confidence and encourages people to feel free and is driven by the philosophy that fashion should be accessible and, at it's heart, a joy for everyone.

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"Everyone in our beautiful and magical world is perfectly imperfect. Everyone looks and feels differently and hopes for different things in their lives. Taking this as the point of reference for the spirit of the House of Blueeyes is the idea that we are all beautiful regardless of our gender, age, colour, sexuality or social status. We are bringing love and freedom to the world.... through our art."

Johnny blueeyes 2009

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